Thursday, April 7, 2016

New for 2016

Spring has sprung and so has the 2016 season. The Leopard Gecko's have started breeding and we currently have 15 eggs incubating. The first babies should be hatching this month and the anticipation grows more and more with each day that passes. Over the last few months we've started some new projects and acquired several new geckos.

In march we imported 4 beautiful Viper Geckos from Germany, these geckos are from two separate bloodlines and are doing great.

PA Gecko Large Viper GeckoPA Gecko Small Viper Gecko

This week we also received our first Coleonyx, a pair of Coleonyx Mitratus was first on this list, we've been waiting to get a pair of these for over a year now.

PA Gecko Coleonyx MitratusPA Gecko Coleonyx Mitratus

The second was a pair of Coleonyx Brevis. We weren't expecting how small the Brevis actually are!

PA Gecko Coleonyx Brevis MalePA Gecko Coleonyx Brevis Female

PA Gecko Coleonyx Brevis Dime

Please check back for more updates for the 2016 breeding season and see all the wonderful baby geckos we hatch.