Friday, February 27, 2015

Crested Geckos

On October 6, 2014 we picked up an unsexed pair of Crested Geckos. This will be the first time we're working with this wonderful species in ten years. These pictures were taken right after we picked them up at the expo.

PA Gecko Crested Gecko Female 1PA Gecko Crested Gecko Male 1

We set them up in their own Exo Terra Cages. Each enclosure has a combination of live and fake plants, as well as bamboo for climbing. They fire up very vibrantly and have some great creamy colors as well! Since we acquired them, one is clearly a male and the other looks more like a female. Both of them are crazy about their Crested Gecko Diet and insects. As soon as the male sees us approaching his enclosure, he is there to greet us for his dinner. We look forward to breeding them in the 2016 season once they have hit the appropriate age and sex!  These are a few more pics of both geckos, we'll be sure to update the progression of them often.

PA Gecko Crested Gecko Female 3PA Gecko Crested Gecko Female 2
PA Gecko Crested Gecko Male 1PA Gecko Crested Gecko Male 1