Thursday, January 30, 2014

Plans for the 2014 Breeding Season

With the 2014 breeding season quickly approaching for PA Gecko we have high hopes of hatching a bunch of morphs we have never hatched before. 

Brock is more excited about the Snow combinations including the Gem line we recently acquired and another year of breeding Mack Snow Fasciolatus crosses, this should be the year to hatch out some Total Eclipse Fasciolatus. 

Mariah loves the bright and colorful geckos and can’t wait to start breeding her Mack Snow Tremper with a Tangerine White & Yellow.  Both geckos already display very intense yellow colorations and should produce amazing babies.

Over the next two weeks we will be turning on the incubator to test and stabilize temperatures, cleaning and preparing all the egg laying boxes and starting to introduce the females to males as they start to ovulate.

Good luck to all our fellow Leopard Gecko Breeders in the hobby!